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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Traumatic Day

Today I took Evelyn to her 12 month well child visit (she is actually 13 months). The doctor said that she seems to be doing great and looks very healthy. Evie weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces (25th percentile) and measured 29.5 inches long (50th percentile). I don't remember quite what her head circumference was but I know she that it was in the 75th percentile. The sad part of the visit was that Ev got 5 shots. She did very well considering that she was held down and poked 5 times :( The nurse gave her a sucker right afterward and that helped a lot. But to make things worse, we were then informed that she needed to go up to the lab to get some blood drawn :( It took awhile because the lab tech had a hard time finding a vein in her chubby little arm. She is in recovery now (upstairs napping :) ), hopefully she isn't too sore when she wakes up.
Poor baby :(
5 Bugs Bunny band aids on her thighs :(

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Update: 10 weeks

I had my first appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and everything went well. Basically it was just a physical and we talked a lot about Evie's birth and the circumstances surrounding it. She said that she has no reason to expect that this baby will have that same issues as Evelyn did (asymmetrical growth and low amniotic fluid). As a precaution she is planning on scheduling an extra ultrasound at 36 weeks just to check on growth; I'm not going to complain about that :) The midwife said it was still too early to hear the heartbeat (I was about 9 1/2 weeks) but that my uterus felt like it was right on with my dates. I go back the middle of October for my next appointment and hopefully we will hear the heartbeat then!!

I've been feeling alright....just very very tired, often taking an afternoon nap when Evie does as well as going to bed at around 8:00 pm.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Baby is a Toddler...

I read today that at 13 months a child is considered a toddler. Well our babe is practically there. She doesn't even look like a baby anymore, but that's alright she gets more and more fun everyday.