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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

36 weeks!

I figured that it was about time to take another picture...not my favorite thing to do these days :) Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks; a few days shy of the point in my pregnancy with Evie when she was induced. I look forward, Lord willing, to experiencing the final weeks of pregnancy this time around and hopefully having a more "natural" birth experience. Whatever happens we are greatly looking forward to meeting our little Judah :) I can't believe we only have around a month left! Evie still doesn't get that she is going to have a brother, but that's okay she'll figure it out eventually :) I'm enjoying these last few weeks of it just being Ev and I at home during the day, reading extra books, playing outside and just cuddling on the couch. I'm very thankful that she will have a sibling soon, but part of me is just a little nostalgic about moving out of this season with just Evie.

Speaking of Evelyn, she is 19 months old today. She continues to learn new things everyday and now says a handful of words somewhat clearly (yeah she isn't the most advanced in this area). At her 18 month well child visit she was 22 lbs 6 oz and 31 inches long; 25% overall. It continues to amaze me how one little girl can be SOOOO much like her Daddy. Many people have called Evie Kyle's mini me and their personalities are very similar as well. I love it! Ev has become much more attached to Daddy lately; getting sad when he leaves for work and super excited when her gets home. I'm thankful for this. It should make the adjustment with Judah a little easier.

Kyle is staying busy with work as well as various teaching and preaching opportunities that come up. He has been able to preach 5 times in the last month and has 5 more opportunities this coming month. It's great to see him doing what he loves to do and it most passionate about.

Well that's all for now...I will try for more photo updates in the coming weeks :)