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Monday, August 31, 2009


Kyle and I are happy to announce that we are expecting baby #2 around April 15, 2010! We are super excited and thankful for another blessing from the Lord. So far everything is going well, I've been extra tired right from the start but I was like that with Evie also. I have my first appointment with my midwife (we are doing a hospital birth with a midwife this time around) on September 15. At this appointment they will try to listen for a heartbeat and if it is still too early to hear it (I will be 10 weeks at that point) they have a small ultrasound machine in the office that they will use to look for fetal heart tones. I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat! That was such a great experience with Evie and I'm sure it will be this time as well. Hearing the heartbeat just makes things a little more real and there is also the added relief of knowing that everything is going well.

The last of our visitors (Jake and Alexi) just left this morning. We have had Kyle's parents, my family and Matt and Nancy all stay with us during the month of August. We had tons of fun but it will be nice to get back into our regular routine. Kyle starts classes tomorrow so life will begin to get busier for him. This semester he is taking Practice Preaching, New Testament Intro, Theology Proper, Prolegomena and Greek.

We hope and pray that you all are doing well! Look for more updates/photos soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evelyn's One Year Photo Shoot

On Monday Grandma Borg and I took Evie to Sears to get her one year pictures taken. She did very well and loved the photographer! Last night we had the first of Ev's birthday celebrations because Grandpa and Grandma Borg were here visiting us. Her Aase grandparents, as well as her aunts and uncles, will be here on August 17 (her actual birthday) for another party :) It's hard to believe that Evelyn is almost one! Sometimes I miss the little infant stage, but she is becoming more and more fun everyday.