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Friday, December 18, 2009

16 Months

Evie is now 16 months old! She is growing up so fast. Ev can now walk very well and is getting better at running. It's so cute to see her walking all over the house. She is very curious, constantly asking me "this this?" wanting to know what everything is. Ev getting more and more fun everyday, but at the same time providing new challenges for us as parents :)

This is Kyle's new favorite picture of his baby girl :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Judah Scott Borg

Today was our big ultrasound! We ( but especially Kyle) are pleased to annouce that we are expecting a son in April. We have decided to name him Judah Scott. Judah means "I will praise God" and Scott is after Kyle's Dad. We can't wait to meet our little Judah!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving/Pregnancy Update

Kyle's parents, as well as his brother Matt and his wife Nancy, all came to our house to visit for Thanksgiving. It was fun to have them here for a few day! We had a lot of fun hanging out and eating good food :)
Grandpa Borg captured this shot of Ev
On Friday night (well actually Saturday morning) we ended up taking Evie into the ER because she had been screaming uncontrollably for hours and tugging on her ear. We figured it was probably an ear infection that had been bothering her for some time. Sure enough her right ear was infected. We were in the ER until 3:00 am, but it was totally worth it to get her feeling better. The doctor gave her some ear drops, amoxicilin and some drugs that knocked her out so she could get some sleep (I LOVED those drugs because I got to sleep too finally :) ) The photo above is so sweet; Evie rocking with Grandpa on Saturday morning after a traumatic night.
Evie and Grandma read lots of books during the visit. This is one of their favorite things to do together.

Our pretty table set for Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun to be able to use our nicer dishes (thanks for those Mom) and table linens (thanks Dad Borg). Growing up with five siblings and a huge extended family we never did the fancy table thing; it just wasn't very practical. So it was fun for me to be able to do this, although part of me still missed the big family gathering. I guess it's good that we can experience both between both sides of the family. Well for now anyway, the Borg family is growing very quickly these days :) Matt and Nancy are expecting their first child in July! We are sooooo excited for them :)
I'm 21 weeks today! This pregnancy continues to fly by, I can't believe we are over half done. Our big ultrasound is on Tuesday; hopefully if the baby cooperates we will be able to find out it's a boy or a girl. I can't wait! My instinct tells me that this baby is a boy....but I thought that with Evie too so who knows :) We will keep you posted!