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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Borg Update

  • Evie took her first steps last night! She walked about six steps across the room to get a toy I was holding. It was fun that both Kyle and I got to see it! We have been thinking for about three months that she would walk any day :) I think she totally forgot that she walked yesterday because I tried to get her to do it today and she had no interest. Oh Evie :)
  • On Tuesday I had a prenatal appointment with my midwife. Everything is going well. We got to hear the heartbeat which was going nice and strongly :) Today marks my entrance into the second trimester (14 weeks) yay!
  • Julie (Kyle's Mom) is coming for a visit tomorrow and staying through Monday; we are looking forward to her being here. Hopefully Evie will take some more steps so that Grandma can see.
  • We are going back to the La Crosse area the last weekend in October. It will be fun to see friends and family! We haven't been back there since our brief visit in April.
  • Kyle is keeping busy (as usual) with work, school and family. He is enjoying the two classes he is able to sit through this semester.
  • I'm feeling better these days, no more nausea and extreme fatigue. It's nice to have a little more energy. Soon I will be making the transition to maternity clothes :)
  • Evie and I are going to this program called Babies N Books at a local church here on Wednesday nights. It's great! We learn about the importance of reading and Evie gets to play with other kids her age. She is a very social child and loves interacting with other babies. Evie gets a free book every time; it's great!