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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Borg Family Update

I realize that it has been a LONG time since I posted an update of what has been going on here at the Borg household. So I plan to remedy that is bullet points below (I think that will be the easiest way :)).

  • Classes started this week for Kyle. This semester he is taking: Anthropology, Greek, Practice Preaching, Prolegomena and a Homiletics course. And auditing the Theology of Aquinas and Lutheran Orthodoxy.
  • Kyle has also undertaken permanent pulpit supply through June at a local RPCNA congregation. He will be preaching both morning and evening every Lord's day (under the mentorship of one of his professors, Dr. Vandoodewaard) and attending session meetings. We are very thankful for this opportunity for him to gain experience preaching.
  • The church posts all of his sermons online. Here is the link if you are interested :)
  • In addition to classes and preaching, Kyle is working Wednesdays at Reformation Heritage Books.
  • Today I'm 11 weeks pregnant! I've been pretty tired and nauseous, as I expect to be in the first trimester, but thankfully the kids have started sleeping in later and have been taking a nap at the same time. It helps immensely knowing that I can get a nap in if I need too. Next Friday is my first prenatal appointment. I'm seeing the same group of midwives that I did with Judah; they were great! I'm really hoping and praying that I can have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time.
  • I'm really looking forward, Lord willing, to hearing this little baby's heartbeat next week. That has to be one if the best sounds in the whole world!
  • Otherwise I'm continuing to enjoy life as a stay at home mom/wife. As exhausting as it can be, it has to be the best "job" ever. I'm so thankful to be able to do it. I love seeing Ev and Judah grow and learn new things.
  • Ev is almost 2 1/2 and is talking up a storm. It is so fun to hear her little voice jabbering around the house and to hear her thoughts on everything. She definitely brings a lot of joy to our home! With her becoming more vocal it has been very rewarding to have some deeper talks with her about spiritual things and to hear her pray.
  • She recently discovered that she loves singing; we've spent some time in the last couple of weeks teaching her a bunch of songs.
  • Evie is a very affectionate little girl, very quick to give hugs, kisses and say "I love you!".
  • Evelyn loves being a big sister and spends a lot of time each day playing with Judah. She has just grasped the fact that she is going to be a big sister again and is very excited.
  • Judah is our smiley happy little man. He is pretty laid back; enjoying life as an almost ten month old. He loves sitting on the floor playing toys with Evie. It's fun that the two of them can actually play together now.
  • He is walking around furniture and standing on his own. Maybe he will be walking in the somewhat near future...
  • Judah is a great sleeper which is a blessing.
  • He is eating more finger foods lately and doesn't seem to be very picky in what he will eat.
  • Judah can often be found following me around the house saying, "mamamamamama." It's pretty endearing :)
  • Is the size of a fig this week and measures about an inch and a half long.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evie's First Daddy Date

Kyle took Evie on her first Daddy date last night. He had been talking it up for about a week so needless to say we had a VERY excited little girl. Evie and I went to Walmart and picked out a special new dress for her to wear on her date (she actually picked it out herself :)). Kyle bought Ev two pink Gerber daises (she is really into flowers lately) to celebrate. Their date consisted of going to the play place at the mall, eating some m&ms, going to Toys R Us (she got the spend the rest of her Christmas money) and then going to Wendy's for a kid's meal. At Toys R Us Evie chose to get a big stuffed monkey that makes monkey noises when you squeeze its tummy; she has named it cowboy :) The night was a success! Kyle plans on taking Ev on a Daddy date every 3 or 4 months. I really love watching them together; it melts my heart :) I'm very thankful for the earthly example that Kyle strives to provide Evie of her heavenly Father.
Silly Girl!