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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Going On

Well, I am beginning to be convinced that no one reads this blog, and I'm even more convinced that I will be the only one to ever write an updated blog entry. But that's okay.
So Evelyn is almost 10 weeks old right now. Time has flown by! She is growing and changing a lot. She just had a doctor's appointment today and she weights 10 pounds 10 ounces. Our once little girl has become a healthy (and chubby) baby!
Rachel's schedule is a mess. I will say this though, it is a wonderful thing to see a wife become a mommy. I love watching her with's a great thing. Rachel does a lot (or most) of the baby care; changing diapers, staying up, feeding, reading to, etc. It's not like I am a bum of a dad, I get to cuddle with my girl every night, and I enjoy reading to her. I just can't handle poopy diapers, they are NASTY. Who ever would have guessed that such a cute child could produce such grotesque things. But we're thankful to the Lord that her digestive system works properly. Rachel is up a lot during the night with her. We have recently discovered that if she gets to sleep in between mommy and daddy she is a happy girl. How can we say no?
Well, hopefully Rachel will soon post some stuff on here about what it is like to be a mommy. Till then here are a couple of pictures.